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Wow, what an end to the 2019 season. In one of the most exciting finishes in league history, Jack S traded first place with his grandfather, Tom Sr., throughout the last weeks of the season. As Jack’s father Ray noted, a walk-off hit by the great Rafael Devers on the last day of the season helped Jack fend off his conniving grandfather and take first place by only 5 points.

At the age of 22, Jack becomes the second-youngest owner to ever win the league, behind Austin, who won the league in 2014 at the age of 15. This continues a nice rivalry in the “great-grandchildren” generation: Jack finished 2nd in 2013, Austin finished 1st in 2014, Austin and Jack finished 3-4 in 2017, Austin finished 6th in 2018, Jack finished first in 2019. So far their rivalry has been much more civil than their legendary grandfathers’, but perhaps age will introduce some bitterness.

Getting back to 2019: Gayle shrewdly picked up rookie phenom Peter Alonso - who no one else picked - to solidify her hold on 3rd place. Mick couldn’t quite keep pace with his older brother Jack, but turned in a solid season at 4th place. Tony, no stranger to the top 10, finished 5th.

Matt, the winner of the previous two seasons (just ask him) sailed through most of the season firmly in first place again, but dropped like a stone in August and barely held on to the last money spot (6th).

Sam had a very respectable finish in 7th, and may have overtaken his uncle Matt if not for a panicky early-season benching of Brock Holt.


With Tom Jr. holding on to a trade until nearly the last minute, younger brother Matt stayed paranoid until the end, but wound up with a convincing victory - a 6.44% margin, good for 5th all-time, and the most since Sandra's legendary victory over her husband Tom Sr. in 2006.

This was the second year in a row that Matt and his brother Tom Jr. finished first and second. Sandra finished 3rd, marking an impressive 4-year run of top 5 finishes.


Matt finished first, ahead of older brother Tom Jr. Austin and Jack S finished 3-4, and husband-and-wife team Sandra and Tom Sr. finished 5-6.


Allison took the top spot in 2016, with Kirkwood residents taking the top 3 spots, and women taking 4 of the 6 money spots.


Tom Sr. added to his hall-of-fame career with his 6th victory. The twins, Connor and Cody, finished in 2nd and 6th, and young Ian finished 3rd. Legendary owner Bill Jr. made a long-awaited return to the money spots with a finish in 5th.


Austin became the youngest owner ever to win the league at the age of 15. We had mothers and sons in the top 6, with Austin’s mom Mary finishing 4th, and then Suzanne and her son Sam finishing 3rd and 5th. Young Cody had an impressive finish in 2nd place; Billy III, always with a nose for the money spots, finished 6th.


In spite of the best efforts of his grandson Jack S, Tom Sr. finished in 1st place yet again. The young Jack S took 2nd, while the 3-5 spots were occupied by regulars Tom Jr., Kimmie, and Ray. Gracie finished out the top 6.

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