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2007 - 2009: An Overdue Victory, Smith Family Dominance

The end of the 2007 season inspired groans from around the League as Tom Sr. took home his 4th championship, adding to his record total. Young Mick finished impressively in 4th place, after a gutsy early-season benching of Coco Crisp. In a riveting late-season battle, Kimmie held on to the last money spot (6th place), fending off a late run by Molly. Becky managed to finish in 11th place with a team containing only players with Apostolic names.

In 2008, after sixteen years of running the League, Tom Jr. finally won the championship. Sam and Josh held leads early in the season, but the balanced and injury-free team from Tom Jr. took the lead before the All-Star break and never looked back. However, the other money spots (2 - 6) were in fierce contention right up to the end, making for an exciting finish to the season.

The 2009 season saw the return of sometime Comissioner Ray to the winner's podium, joining the elite club of multiple-season winners. This 2009 season also marked the seventh season in a row (2003 - 2009) that the victor had come from the Massachusetts contingent of the League. But, all of that was about to change.

League statistician and 2008 victor Tom Smith Jr.

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