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A Brief History of the League

The Diffendorf Family Rotisserie Baseball League, founded in 1993 in Kirkwood, NY, celebrated its 25th anniversary with the 2017 season. The League has grown to include more than 50 participants of all ages from the Diffendorf family. The entrance fee for the League is still $3, same as it was in the League's first year of 1993.

The League operates as a "salary cap" style League, with each player having a fixed price at the beginning of the season, and each owner getting a fixed budget to fill out their roster. The League provides a lot of family enjoyment (and trash-talking), culminating in the annual meeting at the family Christmas gathering. The presentation of the Diffendorf Cup is the highlight of the season.

Bragging rights are important in the league

The Early Years: 1993 - 1997

Fifteen owners participated in the League's inaugural year of 1993, with Tom Sr. coming out on top. Tom Sr. repeated his victory the next year, the strike-shortened 1994 season, and thereby established his enduring status as the man that every other owner loves to root against. Bill Jr., who had finished 2nd to Tom Sr. in bitterly contested battles in both '93 and '94, claimed the top spot for his own in 1995.

Marchie won the league in 1996, and then Bill Jr. became the League's 2nd repeat champion in 1997. That year concluded a truly remarkable 5-year run for the legendary rivalry between Tom Sr. and Bill Jr.: between 1993 and 1997, there were ten first- and second-place finishes. Tom Sr. and Bill Jr. occupied eight of those spots. This remarkable statistic bears repeating: in the five years between 1993 and 1997, there were ten people who finished in either first or second place. Eight of those people were either Tom Sr. or Bill Jr. Their bitter rivalry continues to this day.

Sportsmanlike conduct is encouraged but not always practiced

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