2013 - 2016: Not Again! (and again!)


In spite of the best efforts of his grandson Jack, Tom Smith Sr. finished in 1st place yet again. The young Jack took 2nd, while the 3-5 spots were occupied by regulars Tom Smith Jr., Kimmie Diffendorf, and Ray Sullivan. Grace Lovaglia finished out the top 6.


Austin Haskell became the youngest owner ever to win the league at the age of ~20. We had mothers and sons in the top 6, with Austin’s mom Mary finishing 4th, and then Suzanne Smith and her son Sam finishing 3rd and 5th. Young Cody Diffendorf had an impressive finish in 2nd place, Billy Diffendorf III, always with a nose for the money spots, finished 6th.


People arund the League just shook their heads as Tom Smith Sr. added to his hall-of-fame career with his 6th victory. Tom Sr. have been spurred on by the efforts of his longtime rival Bill Diffendorf Jr., who was coming on strong and finished in 5th, a long-awaited return to the money spots for the legendary owner. The Diffendorf twins, Connor and Cody, finished in 2nd and 6th, and young Ian Smith finished 3rd.


Allison Reeves took the top spot in 2016, with Kirkwood residents taking the top 3 spots, and women taking 4 of the 6 money spots.

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