2010 - 2012: A Return to Glory, A Cup Controversy, a New Repeat Winner

In 2010, after a remarkable "trash talk" campaign, Billy Diffendorf III brought the Cup back to Kirkwood in a very exciting season, holding off teams from his brother-in-law Tony Burns and the Burns kids to win by only five points (6267 - 6262), the second-closest finish in league history.

In 2011, all paricipants were gathered as usual at the annual family Christmas gathering, and the trophy was presented to winner Jessica Short, who ran away with the victory by almost two hundred points over second-place finisher Gayle Diffendorf. However, upon accepting the Cup, Jessica made a stunning confession: "I had nothing to do with picking this team". Suspicions immediately turned to Jessica's husband, Mr. Gary Short, who had submitted another team under his own name. Mr. Short, who had long been known to crave the Cup, may have felt justified in his alleged actions due to his lingering bitterness over his beloved Expos' departure from Montreal. A League investigation is ongoing.

In 2012, the irrepressible Billy Diffendorf III joined the elite ranks of the League's two-time champions. He accepted the Cup with his usual grace and humility, encouraging everyone to start calling him "Two-Time". There were additional surprises in the top ranks as well: the devout Janet Smith may have invoked divine intervention to assist with her second-place finish, and long-time cellar-dweller Steven Smith shocked everyone with his third place finish. Fellow owners attributed Steve's success to his finally abandoning his "always pick Rocco Baldelli" policy, though this may have actually been an oversight on his part at draft time, uncorrected throughout the season due to Smith's consistent negligence.

Billy "Two-time" Diffendorf III
Controversial league figure Gary Short, with his son Jacob

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