2006: New Talent, a Record-setting Performance

The 2006 season marked the beginning of an exciting new era for the League, with an influx of young rookie talent (Ben Diffendorf, Jack Sullivan, Abbie Lovaglia, Gracie Lovaglia, Eli Nichols) looking to challenge the established veterans. The experience of the veteran Sandra Smith proved too much, however, as Sandra won the League in convincing fashion after leading nearly wire-to-wire, and leaving her husband, Tom Smith Sr., grasping at air in 2nd place.

In this season, Sandra became the first owner to break the 7000-point barrier (7066) and her margin of victory (7066 - 6596) was the greatest in the Trade era, #3 all-time. Making Sandra's record score even more remarkable is the fact that she spent only $12,500 of her allotted $13,000 at the beginning of the season, and then she never even made a trade the whole season!

Single-season points record holder Sandra Smith
2-Time Champion Ray Sullivan

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